20th Anniversary Year Continues as FGBC Tops 22,000 Certified Projects

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ORLANDO – The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the state’s leading certifier of green projects and celebrating its 20th anniversary, just surpassed 22,000 projects.

Hard to believe it was in the Spring of 2000 when the first FGBC “Florida Green” certified home was built.

“Being the first FGBC certified house was huge for me.  As a young builder, it afforded me a way to differentiate myself from other builders,” remembers builder Paul Fallman.

Since that historic year, FGBC has certified commercial buildings, single-family residential developments, high-rise residential buildings as well as municipalities.

“I reached out to the Florida Solar Energy Center for information on solar,” Fallman said.  “They introduced me to FGBC.  The knowledge and insight that I gained from FGBC allowed me to differentiate myself and pull ahead of the competition.”

Two decades ago, FGBC brought together industry professionals from the construction, government, academic and research communities to create green standards tailored specifically to Florida. Beyond third party certifications, FGBC is also a resource for the construction industry and municipalities when considering going green

Florida Lifestyle Homes has been recognized for working hard to design their home and landscape to meet the high bar of Florida Water Star Gold.

“We’ve built homes that have been certified to meet both programs’ standards. Many green construction practices of today will become standard building code requirements in the future.  And it’s not because the practices are green. It’s because they just make more sense and are better for our homeowners… period,” noted Florida Lifestyle Homes President Bill Ennen.

Beyond third party certifications, FGBC is also a resource for the builders and developers when considering going green.

Green certified homes may have substantially lower utility bills, and may qualify for advantageous financing, lower insurance rates and government incentives.

“FGBC-certified homes complete a technically rigorous building assessment and construction process to promote design and construction practices that reduce the negative environmental impacts of the building, improve occupant health and well-being, and reduce operating costs for the homeowner,” said custom home builder. Keith Croninger, who just completed an FGBC certified Platinum home.

FGBC’s five certifications provide pathways to green building and sustainability such as national and international standards that also move contractors towards environmentally friendly building.

But, “Florida Green” standards take a scientific approach and are developed with state-specific criteria.  They address Florida’s hot-humid environment, distinctive topography, unique geology, resiliency and natural disasters.

Visit www.floridagreenbuilding.org for more information.