Florida Green Building Coalition Announces Scholarship Recipients

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FGBC continues to Promote a State of Sustainability through annual assistance program that invests in the future of the industry

ORLANDO, Fla. (June 2, 2020) – The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the leading certifier of green construction projects and a cornerstone of sustainability efforts in Florida, has announced the recipients of the FGBC Scholarship for post-secondary education:

Gabriella Masso, Florida Atlantic University, Majoring in Architecture

Jackie Noval, Florida State University, Majoring in Environmental Sciences

Emma Pritchett, University of South Florida, Majoring in Architecture

“We are pleased to announce our 2020 winners,” stated FGBC President Barry Faske. “This year’s recipients have a spirit of learning and dedication to caring for the environment and sustainability here in Florida. It is our pleasure to help them achieve their educational goals through this program.”

Showing a commitment to promote a state of sustainability, FGBC launched the statewide scholarship program for students pursuing careers in green building or related sustainability disciplines. Thanks to the FGBC Scholarship Committee that included Deirdre Irwin, Jane Conn, Bill Kachman, and Katrina Locke.

“Supporting the future of our industry by helping connect student leaders an excellent education elevates us all,” said FGBC Executive Director C.J. Davila. “The energy and talent these students bring to their academics and life experiences will set them apart as future leaders.”

FGBC is dedicated to improving the state’s-built environment. Its mission is to lead and promote sustainability with environmental, economic, and social benefits through regional education, community outreach and certification programs.

Unlike other national and international certifications, FGBC are the only standards developed with Florida-specific criteria. They address Florida’s hot-humid climate, distinctive geology, unique topography, resiliency, and natural disasters.

Founded in 2000, FGBC’s five certifications provide pathways to build green homes, developments, local governments, high rises, and commercial buildings. The free market aspect of FGBC certifiers also keeps costs reasonable.

Going Green? In Florida you have a choice. For more information contact the Florida Green Building Coalition at info@floridagreen.org, visit www.floridagreenbuilding.org call (407) 777-4914.