Grand Palms Senior Living Earns Platinum Florida Green Building Designation

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John Fischer of Raymond James (left), Tim Morgan of Jonesboro Investments Corp, FGBC Executive Director C.J. Davila and Kyle Huggins of NDC Construction.

BRADENTON, Fla. – The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC), the leading certifier of green projects in the state, has announced that Grand Palms, a new senior living community in Bradenton, Florida., has achieved a Platinum-level designation as a “Florida Green” high-rise community. Grand Palms is the first FGBC high-rise project to achieve Platinum-level designation.

“Congratulations to Tim Morgan and Jonesboro Investments Corp., as well as the NDC Construction (general contractors), RDL Architects (design architects), Raymond James (tax credit investor), U.S. Bank (lender), the City of Bradenton and a special thanks the Florida Housing Finance Authority,” said FGBC Executive Director C.J. Davila. “The team maximized the certification process and constructed a remarkable building that will benefit residents and the community for years to come,”

Located at 1715 W 14th St., the 83,094 square foot project features 72 residences in a four-story, access-controlled building. In addition, Manatee County is a FGBC certified local government.

The path to achieving green designation included:

• Providing a design that is 30 percent more energy efficient than Florida Code.
• A minimum of 21 percent materials used were recyclable and can be recycled by the manufacturer into the raw materials stream of another product.
• Diverted a minimum of 90 percent construction waste from landfill.
• Used a minimum of 25 percent local/regional materials that were manufactured within a 700-mile radius of the construction site.
• Purchased green power for 50 percent of the building total annual energy demand from certified green power generator for one year.
• Landscape comprised of 100 percent of drought tolerant plants.
• Exceeds minimum zoning requirements for open space by at least 25 percent.

Grand Palms is an income qualified 55+ senior community featuring one- and two-bedroom homes with full size front load washer/dryers This pet friendly community is one of the most affordable rentals in Bradenton.

Energy Star appliances are installed in each residence and common areas including ceiling fans as well as and lighting in each air-conditioned space that does not exceed 0.8 Watt per square foot.

All carpets and carpet products meet the Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label Certification Program. One-hundred percent of hard flooring installed in homes is classified as hard or resilient and complies with GreenGuard or similar health related certification

Smoking is prohibited throughout the building, and outside designated smoking areas are located at least 25 feet away from all entries, outdoor air intakes, and operable windows

As well as amenities and on-site activities, residents enjoy easy access to Bravo Supermarket, DeSoto Square Mall, various restaurants, Regal Cinemas, LECOM Park, golfing opportunities, medical services, and dental offices. Grand Palm is within 1/2 mile of walkable access to basic services and walkable access to public transit.

Brittany Storm of The Spinnaker Group was the FGBC designated professional. Dr. Jennifer Languell of Trifecta Construction Solutions evaluated the project. Grand Palm achieved 191 of the 105 required points, earning them Platinum-level status.

The Grand Palms team includes owner and developer Tim Morgan, Jonesboro Investments Corp.; Joanne Horton. RDL Architects; Kyle Huggins, NDC Construction; Nathan Kragt, ZNS Engineering; Greg Klebanoff, MiGre Engineers and Kimber Bereiter, ZNS Engineering for landscape design.

Morgan and the project team participated in a four-hour green design charrette where the FGBC Designated Professional detailed each line item in the standard checklist. The owner, construction and design team participated in additional green project training provided by FGBC prior to working on the jobsite.

“Our intent is to encourage owners of high-rise residential projects to adopt green and sustainable strategies during the design and construction of their projects and to receive recognition for their efforts,” noted Davila.

FGBC certifications provide pathways to build green homes, developments, local governments, high rises and commercial buildings. The process, including low fees, is often more affordable than other certifications. The free market aspect of FGBC certifiers also keep costs reasonable. Over 35 high-rise projects are currently certified under the Florida Green Certification Program.

Going Green? In Florida you have a choice. For more information contact the Florida Green Building Coalition at, visit call (407) 777-4919.

The Florida Green Building Coalition is the leading certifier of green projects in Florida. To date it has over 18,000 residential, commercial, high-rise, land developments, local governments participating in its certification programs. FGBC certification programs are the only standards developed with climate specific criteria to address issues caused by Florida’s hot-humid environment and natural disasters. The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) is a nonprofit 501(C)3 Florida corporation founded in 2000 dedicated to improving the built environment. Its mission is “to lead and promote sustainability with environmental, economic, and social benefits through regional education and certification programs.” For more information about the FGBC “Florida Green” certification programs visit