Member Profile: Hydraloop Brings Mission of Reducing Water Consumption, Sewage Emissions and Carbon Footprint to Florida

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New Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) member Hydraloop is on a mission in our state to make water recycling systems a standard item in every single home and building, just like climate control, solar panels, or heat pumps.

“Florida has emerged as a key state in the adoption of greywater recycling. Senate Bill 64 signed by the Governor in July advances the greywater discussion in a significant way. The market and specifically the sustainable and progressive developers are eager to adapt and accelerate water conservation like Hydraloop in the new build market,” said Hydraloop US Managing Director Fernando Ramirez.

A compact and decentralized water recycling system, the Hydraloop cleans and disinfects shower, bath and washing machine graywater to be reused for toilet flushing, garden irrigation, or topping off pools. This sustainable and innovative patented technology requires minimal space and uses no filters, no membranes and no chemicals therefore impacting cost of ownership with low maintenance and electricity requirements while saving thousands of gallons of water on an annual basis.

Becoming a member of FGBC, Hydraloop joins the state’s leading certifier of new green residential and commercial construction to help builders reduce water consumption and sewage emissions. The patented technology is NSF 350 certified. “The global water challenge requires commitment to water conservation and stewardship from all stakeholders,” added Ramirez. “Hydraloop innovation and technology can provide measurable results to states and jurisdictions water conservation initiatives. We are aligned with the FGBC mission and look forward to our collaboration”

In 2020 Hydraloop was awarded as ‘Best of Innovation’ in the category ’Sustainability, Eco-design, and Smart Energy’ – and won ‘Best Start-Up,’ ‘Best Sustainable Product,’ and the overall award ‘Best of the Best,’ beating more than 4000 competitors in various categories at the Consumer Technology Association’s CES 2020, the world’s most influential technology event.

Next summer Hydraloop will display its innovative technology at the Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) in Orlando.

“We attended the show last year and witnessed the activity and opportunities to present our solution. We share the focus on educating the market with FGBC and other organizations in Florida,” Ramirez said. “Our plan is to attend and exhibit at SEBC 2022 to continue to educate

the market and demonstrate how our technology can prove beneficial to the Florida builders and water authorities.”

Hydraloop has extended its international partner network to Florida.

“With over 300,000 people re-locating to Florida annually, the state remains an attractive and active state for new communities and developments. Water availability will remain a core topic for consideration to keep up with such expansion and economic growth in the state,” noted Ramirez.

Water Conservation Coordinator for the St Johns River Water Management District and FGBC board member, Deirdre Irwin shared “In addition to other innovative approaches, implementing greywater recycling systems in residential homes can assist Florida in reaching its goals for long term water supply”

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